Monday, October 4, 2010

Kindles in the Classroom

I had a brainwave this morning :)

What if all textbooks in high school, college, and university were replaced with eBooks on eBook readers like the Kindle?

Just to be clear: No, I don't have an affiliation with them, I don't even own one, but I'm not going to list each make and model of ebook reader every time I mention it either.

Think about it: the huge stack of textbooks replaced with a Kindle. That would save quite a few young backs (and I'm not kidding around).

I think the hardest thing about implementing this would be getting the textbook companies on board. Once we do that, the rest is simple: I'm thinking that high school students (parents) would maybe pay a deposit and borrow the eBook reader from the school, while post-secondary students should mostly buy their own Kindles, but being able to 'rent' them from the bookstore also would be a good idea.

School boards would buy licences for many textbooks like they buy the multiple copies of the physical books now, and upload them to the eBook readers. Post-secondary students would buy the eBooks for a much reduced price (I'm thinking a $150 textbook should go for $50 as an ebook) and they can return them for half their money back at the end of the semester if they wish.

I just feel sorry for the girl I saw the other day crossing the street while I was stopped behind her bus. She had a small frame, but her backpack was stuffed full and at least 3 times as 'thick' as she was. It's sad. There are a lot of back problems in young people. And these are the years that they are developing their spines.

Imagine it: all a student would need in their bags would be a binder for notes and a Kindle. (And a lunch.)

What do YOU think? Is this feasible? Would you like it in your class? Do you know of any school or boards already doing this? Anyone got a textbook company's ear??

Feel free to share this post, let's see if we can save some spines!!

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