Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Dollar Store

I love my local dollar store. Every single item is for sale at the price of one dollar, or less! Now you do need to be careful, and not everything in there is a bargain, but most of it is such a good deal.

The obvious place to start as a teacher is bins. You can have buckets for play stations. Bins for books. Inboxes and outboxes. Almost every small item in your classroom needs to be containerized. There are stacking bins, nesting bins, regular bins, plastic bins, cardboard bins, decorative bins.... You just can't go wrong with bins at the dollar store.

Next, office supplies. Oh. My. Goodness. I just love the school supply aisle at my dollar store. It is so hard to resist all of the neat things there. Now for a dollar, you can get one really cool pencil, several nice pencils, or a LOT of regular pencils; it depends what you want to do with them. All the different notepads, and composition books. They even have teacher and student planners! I love getting binder clips too. My dollar store has binder clips in pastel colours and various sizes, those 1/2" ones are so cute!

I find the dollar store is a great place if you have some kind of reward system in your class. You can stock up on some fun rewards for your students without breaking the bank!

One word of caution: Please be careful when selecting items from the dollar store. There is a reason they are able to sell some of these items for such a low price. If you see something in your dollar store that you would normally pay $10-20 for, there is probably a big quality difference. I don't buy electronic goods from the dollar store except for name brand batteries and headphones, I'm not saying that their electronics are bad, but I'm being cautious here.

For everyday items the dollar store is the perfect place to stock up! Enjoy!!

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Have great day!

Valerie :)

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