Sunday, November 30, 2008

Colour Coding Crazy

I'll admit that perhaps I go a little overboard, but I like to colour code when I can. Use different coloured folders, duotangs, binders, plastic envelopes, sticky flags, and binder clips.

Now, there is no set way to colour code, just pick one way and stick to it. I loosely follow the curriculum documents (which themselves are coloured on the covers) for my main set of colours. Blue is for math, green for science, yellow for language, orange for phys. ed., pink for art, etc. It works for me. You choose the colours that work for you.

So when I have my lessons in the day's folder, I have all of the papers for each lesson clipped together with the right colour clip. So, instead of flipping through, looking for the right lesson, I do a bird's eye view from the top, grab the coloured clip that I want, and I'm ready.

Do you colour code? Do you code by subject or by something else? Do your students need to follow your colour code as well? (Everyone's science work is in their green duotangs?)

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Valerie :)

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