Saturday, November 22, 2008

Supply Your Substitute

If you plan ahead for your substitute teacher they will know what to do AND you will not get behind when you are away.

Now I know that sometimes you have no clue that you will not be in the day before, but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared. If you follow a basic weekly plan like we talked about before, then your photocopying for the week will be done. If you then have a folder for each day of the week with that day's lessons and handouts (which you can routinely use yourself) then a substitute can just be directed to the day's folder.

I highly recommend a substitute teacher folder. In this folder have class lists, extra paper, easy activities that the teacher can use (that could possibly tie in to a future unit), notes telling them where supplies and the photocopier are, a seating plan, any tips about certain students, notes about special school policies, notes about your daily and weekly routines and schedules, notes about what to do in a fire drill, your yard duty schedule, and anything else that you think would be helpful for them to know.

Please understand that it is much more difficult for substitute teachers to control the students and they may not get as much done as you would have if you were there, but if you don't leave them a plan to follow then they can't get anything useful done.

And if you are a substitute teacher, please follow the instructions left for you to the best of your ability. But always have a bag of tricks (or binder of activities) in case you aren't left much.

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